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The first screen you see. The current roster is displayed and for managers any availability or shift swap approvals requiring attention are also displayed.

To swap a shit with another staff member click on the 2 way arrows. Select the person who is taking over and save.

To finalise the swap the requested staff member will need to accept the request and the manager will need to approve it. There is no auto notification so you may need to drop them a note!

View All Rosters (managers only – all subscription types)

View your current roster and all your other rosters too.

Manage Rosters (managers only – all subscription types)

Manage all your existing rosters and timesheets.

Create New Roster (managers only – all subscription types)

Select the location of the roster.
Select the start date. You can click on any day during the roster week and the roster start date will default to the correct Week Start Date set up in your Business Details.

Your empty roster defaults to the default roster using the default shifts you have already set up. You can add a shift to the roster from this page (see below roster) or delete a shift by pressing the red x.

To add a person to a roster simply click on the person and click on the empty shift or drag the name to the empty shift. To remove a person from a shift simply click on the name or drag a new person to that shift. Hint: To see a staff member’s availability click on their name, temporary changes in availability are in red.

If you have new staff members and are using Xero integration you may need to Import Staff again.

If a staff member’s availability clashes with a shift you will receive a warning. Be careful: if you can press “OK” the availability clash is overridden and the employee is assigned to the shift.

The roster saves as you go and is only visible to a staff member once you click approve.

To make changes to an approved roster you need to go to Manage Rosters, click “Unapprove”, make the changes and approve again.

Set My Availability (everyone – all subscription types)

Set your daily availability. If you are not available for a full day then unclick the tick otherwise select your availability times or leave blank if you are available the whole day.

Extra Availability is where you can make a one off change to your availability e.g. you may not normally work Wednesday’s but can this coming one. You can also request a day off from when you are normally available.

Note depending on the business setup days off or extra unavailability may need to be approved by the manager. Approval for this will appear in the Dashboard.

Timesheets (managers only – Xero integration subscription type)

Timesheets are the allocation of rostered hours to Xero Earnings Codes and Xero Categories (if turned on in Xero). Xero Timesheets are used to pay your employees. Each roster must have a timesheet for importing into Xero payroll.

Timesheet drop down lists are based on the Xero Settings you imported. If you have added details in Xero since your last setting import you will need to Import Xero Settings again.

For each staff member select a Xero Earnings Code and Category (if required). You may have more than one Earnings Code or Category (to add another line click on the blue +).

If the total hours match for each the day the Total Hours number will turn green. Note you do not need to allocate all the rostered hours to Xero Timesheets or allocate any hours for an employee at all (e.g. owners rostered hours) this is up to you.

Submit Timesheets to Xero (managers only – Xero integration subscription type)

To do this you will be prompted to connect and authorise with Xero.

The Timesheets sent to Xero are aligned to the Xero Payroll Calendars and Start Dates.
You can have multiple Payroll Calendars or varying pay periods it all depends on what you have set up in Xero. Roster Planet will sort this all out before exporting to Xero.

For example you may run your weekly payroll Wednesday to Thursday but your rosters in Roster Planet run Monday to Sunday, when exporting timesheets Roster Planet will send a timesheet running Wednesday to Thursday to coincide with your payroll.

Remember if you make any changes in Xero, import your Xero settings again even if you are unsure.

Select the Xero Payroll Calendar and the period and hit Submit to Xero. Tick “Set these timesheets to Approved” if you want the timesheet to arrive pre approved in Xero or you can approve the timesheets in Xero. Note: timesheets only go in one direction so if you make changes in Xero to a timesheet it will not change any Roster Planet rosters or timesheets.

Manage Business Details (managers only – all subscription types)

Enter your business name to appear on the webpage and reports.

Week Start Day is the first day of your weekly roster. This can be different from your Xero payroll start day. Roster Planet will always use your Xero settings for payroll imports.

Auto Approve Availability. If ticked any leave or temporary availability charge is automatically approved. If left unticked the manager must approve all requests via the Dashboard notifications.

Manage Locations (managers only – all subscription types)

Add away. Locations are unlimited.

Manage Staff (managers only – all subscription types)

Add or edit unlimited staff.

To add a new staff member click add and enter details then press add again. The staff member will receive an email prompting them to activate their account.

If you use Xero integration there are 2 ways to add a staff member

If you have a new employee they must be added in Xero AND Roster Planet. The quickest way is to set up the employee in Xero and import into Roster Planet avoiding double entry.

Import Staff from Xero. There must be an email in the Xero employee file for a new staff member to import. Once imported go to Manage Staff, click on edit for the staff member, add a password and then click add. All done. The new staff member will receive and email/


Add a new staff member in Roster Planet and Xero. Import Staff From Xero and Roster Planet will match the two. Hint. To successfully match employees make sure there are matching names in Roster Planet and Xero and they are spelt correctly (or at least the same!).

Manage Shifts (managers only – all subscription types)

These are default shifts you can add to your default roster. They are simply a start time and end time. Make as many as you think you’ll need to save time. You don’t need to use them all.

Manage Default Rosters (managers only – all subscription types)

Set up a default roster for each location to make setting weekly rosters even quicker.

Drag and drop as many of as few default shifts as you need per day. You can also add a description for each shift e.g. “Cash Register”, “Back of House” etc.

Shifts can overlap and are ordered according to time ion refresh. Unused shifts can also be removed from a roster when it is created.

Xero Settings (managers only – Xero integration subscription type)

Import Staff will import all Xero staff and match them to existing staff in Roster Planet or add new staff to Roster Planet. Note you must have an email address in the Xero employee file to import a new employee from Xero into Roster Planet.

Roster Planet use various information to match employees so check the name spelling if you run into a problem!

If you have a new employee they must be added in Xero ANDRoster Planet. The quickest way is to set up the employee in Xero and import into Roster Planet avoiding double entry.

Import Xero Settings will import Xero payroll calendars, tracking categories, earnings codes and any other necessary information to facilitate timesheet importing. Just click on Begin Import. IMPORTANT: If you change and default payroll settings in Xero go through this process again. Even if you’re not sure. It only takes a minute.

My Details (everyone – all subscription types)

Pretty basic. As listed.

Change Password (everyone – all subscription types)

Just that!

My Subscription (managers only – all subscription types)

This is where you can update your subscription type and payment details.

There are current two Roster Planet plans. Either with or without Xero integration.

No credit card details are not stored on the Roster Planet server. Our current payment gateway is Visit for information on security of your information.